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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

A Jericho Prediction

Naruto 604: "purpose"


"The Converting of Obito "

We see Obitos face as if in pain.*

Obito, " i can't do it..."

Madara, " concentrate,if u want to grow string you have to learn to control ur new body."

We see Obito is standing *dressed, in black. We see his missing arm grow back.

Obito, " i did it!"

Madara says nothing and walks over to his wooden thrown.

Obito, {well your definitely not supportive}" what now?"

Madara, "now, you sit and listen, i am going to tell you every part of my story that you need to know. About me and my brother and about your village and it's First Hokage."

Obito, { so you mean to tell me he is gonna have long talks a lot now? Great.} " look I just want to get string enough to go back to my friends, but for now I will listen. Its the least I could do for you saving me."

Months later we see a Zetsu standing in front of Madara.

Madara, "hmmm, you are my creation, Grown from Mazou itself."

Zetsu, " ma - ma -dara."

Madara, " I want you to record every moment of your life, never erase it. Everything I Tell you about my life keep it."

Obito walks in, " who is this kid?"

Madara, "Obito meet Zetsu, your new teammate."

Zetsu, "O-bi- to, bi- to bi....tobi! Tobi, Tobi!"

Madara, " seems the light side has imprinted on you, from this point on he will be your best friend."

Obito, "some friend, he got my name wrong."

Madara as he turns and walks away,"did he get it wrong or did he just give the new you a name?"

Obito following behind him along with Zetsu following him.*

"new name?"

Madara, "every *beginning has a new name. A name gives it meaning and purpose. A name holds power, remember that."

Some time later we see that the other side of Zetsu has become darker. *With Tobi we see the light side talking and laughing with him. While the darker side is with Madara listening and training.

Later Obito is seen sitting alone staring at the wall.

Zetsu(white) approaches, " what are you doing Tobi?"

Obito, " your just gonna keep calling me that arent you? Anyway i am training, just training."

Obito turns and plunges his hand into Zesty chest.

Zetsu is shocked but notices he feels no pain.

Zetsu, " hey your hand is going right through me, cool."*

Obito takes his hand out of him, " yeah, i figure thats how I passed through the rocks and landed here. Madara says it was probably reflex out of desperation to survive. I have no idea what that means, i guess my body didn't want to die so it did that."

Zetsu, "wow, so basically your fear of death saved you?"

Obito, " I guess, but there is something weird about Madara. I mean why is he so afraid to die? He has to be if he chooses to live down here forever instead of just dying."

On the other side of the cavern is Madara but younger speaking with Yahiko.

Yahiko, "yes we have had much success, we are putting fear intothe haleart if Hanzo if the Salamander"

Madara, "very good, how is Nagato doing, will he be ready when I need him?"

Nagato comes out of the darkness near by, " I will be ready, will you join us yourself after that is done?"

Madara, " in deed, I will take my rightful place as your leader. But right now, i cannot leave this place."

Yahiko, " well we must be off, we have a meeting to discuss peace with Hanzo. Finally we may be achieving the goal of this organization."

They both leave.

Madara walks back jnside and approaches the old Madara, it was the Dark Zetsu.

Madara looks over at the light Zetsu and Obito talking. They are both called over by Madara.

Madara is standing with dark Zetsu, "how are you feeling, you adapted to your new body?"

Obito " Great and i am much better now and stronger than ever! "

Madara, " the one you called Rin, Zetsu says a ninja fitting that description was killed."

Obito, " no, he's wrong. Kakashi wouldn't..."

Dark Zetsu, " come on cry baby i will show you."

Later we see somewhere in a clearing there are bodies of several ninja laying around.

Obito and Dark Zetsu are in hooded robes. They come across a female ninja. It looks to be Rin.

Obio look at Dark Zetsu then at his Hashirama arm.

Dark Zetsu puts his hand on Obito's shoulder, "it is too late, that won't even help now."

After they leave Rin opens her eyes and turns to a dark Zetsu clone, then disappears into the ground.

Obito comes back into the lair where Madara sits, " so whats that plan about heroes and peace?"

He has a tear in his eye and anger on his face.

Madara, " what has changed your opinion?"

Obito, " i need a reason, i need purpose."

Madara, " sit, listen to what i have planned *both of you."*

Zetsu and Obito sit and listen.

Next year.

Obito is a bit taller and fully healed.

Zetsu, " come on you ready? Master is waiting."

Moments later they are in a room together.

Madara," okay go ahead Tobi."

Obito puts his hand on the Mazou and it takes a sample of his chakra.*

Madara, " now a bit of myself and there."

We see the Tobi that fought Minato emerge from the giant plant.

Madara, " there with my knowledge, Hasirama's chakra and yours as well, he will bring me the 9 tailed fox. I am too weak to summon it even if it were not inside a host."

Obito, " he is tall, so why exactly does he need part of me?"

Tobi(copy), "because of this."

He passes a kunai through his arm and then uses Kamui to teleport a few feet away.

Obito,"wait, I can't do that warp thing yet?!"

Madara, " he has my knowledge and fighting, the First Hokage cells in him accelerate the progress of your eye."


Madara meeting with Obito and Tobi(copy).

Madara, " until you are ready child, he will work in both our places. I have a new plan, a plan that will give you all the sharinghan you will need to accomplish our goal."

Obito, " another plan?"

Madara, " yes this one is very big it will take sometime to execute but with the RG on our aide we have time."

Through the years we see the plans unfold.

The Uchiha massacre.

The establishment of Akataski as a terrorist group.

Obito growing up and taking his place as the eyes, ears and hands of*

We see Obito joining Akataski. Then shortly after....

Madara is sitting on his tree throne taking to "Tobi", " so you have made your way to the organization, good. Well the time is now, let him know who you are."

Tobi, " what do you mean?"

Madara, " you know everything I know, you know the plan. We are well on our way of gaining all the Bijuu. It is take you tok control...young Uchiha."

Tobi lifts his mask and is surprised, " What do you mean take control?"

Madara removes his eye and hands it to Tobi, "here I have no use for it any further, id you are going to lead you will need two. Don't forget all the others are here as well."

Madara lays down, he starts to disconnect from the Mazou.

Obito just looks on, " okay old man, Nagato gets ready I'm bringing you back. You got that?"
Madara, "in deed, but dont wait too long."

He removes the last one and slowly dies.

We see Tobi bury him in an unknown area. Zetsu is with him.

As the are walking away.

Zetsu, " so what now Tobi? What are you gonna tell Nagato, does he even know who you are?"

Tobi, " now, we begin my moon's eye plan. Of course Nagato knows me, i'm Madara Uchiha."

Light Zetsu, "what?"

Tobi, " the cloths I wear the mask I use, Itach Uchiha knows these as Madara Uchiha, Kisame The shark knows of the Madara that controlled the fourth Mizukage."

Dark Zetsu, "you were told to tell anyone that might discover you controlling The fourth Mizukage that you were Madara so they wouldn't try anything!"

Light Zetsu, " it did work then, why not now?"

Dark Zetsu, " so I guess this means your about to get serious? What makes you so sure you can head all of this by calling yourself that?"

Tobi with two sharinghans puts his mask down and we see his MS showing, "power in a name."

He uses kamui and warps away.

Back to present.

Kakashi is with Guy as Obito is approaching.

Kakashi, " do you put all of this on Rin?!"

Obito, "what do you mean?"

Kakashi, " all of this, not coming home and siding with Madara to do all of this. Because you heard of Rin's death?"

Obito, " it does not matter I do not blame you for her death."

Kakashi, "i know, because you can't."

We see Obito's' face.

Kakashi voice, " Rin isn't dead!"

Obito is shocked and stops his approach.

He glances over at Edo Madara as he is fighting.

Obito looks back at Kakashi, " are you lying to me?"

Kakashi, " we both know with your SG u can see that i tell speak the truth."

Obito slightly smiles.

Kakashi voice, "Rin is ALIVE!!"

Next: "misled"

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