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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Originally Posted by narutorikudoumode View Post
your misunderstanding me remember in the latest chapter madara was using spare eyes and had only the left remember thus madara showing he has no eye in the right i'm not talking about the madara real eyes i'm talking about the spare eye that he has right now at his old age
No I understood you fine, Obito would not get strength from a spare eye Madara was toting around.. Madara isn't even using the eye that way. How powered could a spare eye be of some old dude who can barely wipe his ass? No training or use of it in battle if you were to think this way. It would be something if Madara passed along his actual eyes to Obito...then we would be talking GOLD then..but alas no...I could see maybe Madara parting his eye before he dies or Obito just taking it...but I don't see the power up from some stale eye. Another note they def would not swap eyes around at this point. (Obito giving Madara his eye to unlock MS and hand it back to Obito..??? Nah man) If that was the case Madara's smart ass would of did it with his brother and never been butt hurt in the first place. Honestly I think it would be rather edgy for Obito to take the spare eye of Madaras after he dies..just to throw back his own words at him.
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