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Madara's "plan" to use Nagato which was Fail anyway

So after we've seen Madara in a state where he cannot move from a certain place, what did he want from Nagato from the Rinne Tensei? And how come even Obito voiced it before with Zetsu after Nagato revived Konoha?

What we know about Gedo Rinne Tensei is like:

1. It can be used to revive someone within a limited period of time.
2. It just revives a person. It doesn't hax with any power up like making the person younger or free from injuries.

Considering the second point above, how dumb was Madara to actually assume that he could be free to move if he was revived by Nagato's jutsu when he died? Seriously if he died in that state he would be back in that state when he was revived.
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