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Re: Naruto_602

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
1. Lol, when did I ever say my opinion was a fact? That particular part of the conservation was you saying it was a case of mere semantics, and I disagreed. Now your changing it to opinions and its validity.
"It's just an opinion" does not mean "I can say whatever the fuck I want and no one has a right to question it".

2. In this whole conversation, you have accused me of making up that Nagato was prophesied to have the rinnegan. Even though, all I said was its possible he could have being. The word possible seems to have escaped you, so like a fundamentalist, you're gonna keep saying, I'm made shit up.
Speaking in absolutes is a great way to make yourself look like a dumb shithead, but thinking that taking an ambiguous stance on everything means you can never be wrong is also rather stupid. Anything is "possible," but most things that are "possible" have absolutely no logical basis in happening. Thus, trying to pass them off as an at all likely possibility is fucking stupid. You have absolutely no evidence to support your claim, but you want people to respect it as valid because you said "possible"?

If you are a follower of logic, then you would never have accused me of making shit up. A follower of logic does not need to be told or shown a scan, to hazard a GUESS, of what's being happening. That's what I did. That's all I did. I asked myself why would Madara give the most powerful dojutsu to a random Uzamaki. I lamented on their connection and THEORIZED that maybe Nagato was prophesied. Lol, and for that you wanna crucify me, telling me I'm making shit up and I'm not using logic.
You're making shit up in the arguments you've made to justify your "possible". You did the same sort of thing KYF does. Take question, devise answer, find nothing valid to actually justify answer but refuse to acknowledge it. You have no proof whatsoever to justify "Nagato haz prophecy," so in saying there's hints within the manga (which there aren't) you're essentially pulling stuff out of your ass.

Logic stipulates, that its adherents think outside the box. That they think about every possible scenario, and analyse it. That's all I was ATTEMPTING to do, and never pretended otherwise.
Occam's Razor my friend. The most logical reasoning is the one that requires the fewest baseless assumptions. Your thought process requires a hell of a lot.

3. Lmao, this parts the funniest. True, Minato is not a prophet so to your 'logic', he cannot and did not make no prophecy, when he sacrificed himself for his son. Am I right? Cool.

But the thing is though, when Minato said all that, he was REPEATING a prophecy, told to him by his sensei. Or didn't you realise that?

Jirayai is told a prophecy about the child of destiny, who he would train. He trains 2 fine shinobi's, Nagato and Minato, believing at some stage, both to be that child. He tells Minato the prophecy, Minato on instincts, when he defeated Tobi, believed he was the danger, Jirayai spoke of. He believed in the prophecy and was willing to give his life for it.

At that stage he couldn't possibly know if Tobi was the harbinger. And so it came to be that his belief that his son is that child of destiny, will come true. Not bad for a non prophet. Lol, and are you so rigid in your thinking, that only prophets can make prophesies? So if a non prophet says something that comes to pass, its not a prophecy?
Lol, nah mate, fuck that dogmatic thinking.
Congrats on trying to use really shitty retroactive writing to justify your point. It really doesn't strengthen your argument at all. The only point you're really making with this is that you think SOMEONE, whom we've never heard of and know absolutely nothing about, including his/her existence, must have told Madara, not necessarily as an outright prophet, to give his eyes to some random Uzumaki child as a "prophecy" that Nagato would serve his ends in the future. Which is especially funny given your statements here given that Nagato did just the opposite. So basically, even if you try to say "well MAYBE someone made a prophecy that Nagato would..." you have to confront the fact that Nagato did not do what Madara thought he would.

4. There's an extremely fine line between prophecy and foreshadowing, especially in this case. Really suspect, that you dont see it. Lol
I'm sorry but this is just plain dumb. Prophecy is within the realm of the story. It's part of the narrative. It's behind the fourth wall. It's not hidden in the slightest. Foreshadowing is author device to drop hints of future events through signals found in the narrative. Example: every single fucking time Naruto and Minato are mentioned in context to each other in part 1 (this is a large ass number) is foreshadowing to the father/son relationship. Kishi is not directly saying anything with such hints, but it's a signal which foreshadows the future relationship that he reveals. Prophecy is Jiraiya (and the audience) being bluntly told that either Nagato or Naruto is the "child of destiny" who will either save the world or destroy it. This is not foreshadowing in any way.

5. The manga is awash with prophecies, why are you acting like there's only one? The Sage himself, prophesied about what will happen after his death. Naruto fighting Sasuke or the child with powerful eyes, is the latest one. That's 3, and from those 3, spawns other prophecies/ foreshadowing, whatever you wanna call it, in the manga.
The issue is that there is no prophecy in the narrative thus far which Madara would have any business knowing. So you have to assume that there's one we DON'T know, which is an assumption we have no reason to make.

When Itachi gave Naruto Shisui's eye, you can easily see it as a prophecy, because he believed Naruto was the one, and that belief is gonna come true. Nagato believing in Naruto is another prophecy that will come true. You OBVIOUSLY cannot see that, so all that I've just written, is utter hokum to you aint it? To you, its me misunderstanding the differences between foreshadowing, plot and predictions. Lol
No. No. Holy shit. No. That's not "prophecy." That's "Itachi plans ridiculously far ahead and was attempting to create a final safety valve to prevent Sasuke from taking the path of evil." "I believe in you" is not prophecy holy fuck. Choosing to believe something will happen is not what prophecy is; prophecy is a character stating future events in the story as unavoidable truth, not "belief".

6. Lol why do you want us to wait till Kishi reveals everything? Why man why? I don't get it. Each of us are taking time in our lives, coming on this forum discussing Naruto. Yet Num wants us to solely discuss what we have being shown, and how dare anyone think of what MIGHT be going on. Oh no, don't do that. You do that, you're making shit up. Simple. Lool
Because baseless speculation can't really be discussed or reasoned or anything because it has no basis. I mean, if you say "HEY MAYBE MADARA GAVE HIS EYES TO NAGATO DUE TO A PROPHECY" and get a "BUT THERE'S NO PROPHECY SHOWN THAT WOULD TELL HIM TO" and reply with "MAYBE THERE'S ONE WE HAVEN'T HEARD YET"...where the shit do you think the conversation is supposed to go? If you have absolutely nothing to justify your speculative thoughts, there's no way to really involve anybody else in the think-tank because there's no remotely logical reason to share your thoughts.

7. You call it humility and common sense, I call it boring. I call it tiresome. What is the point, of just discussing what we already know? Why do just that when you can also contemplate, debate and analyse at the same time?
Because making shit up should be saved for predictions rather than theories.

But its cool bro, I hope that's not offensive in Portugal. Lol, you know I got mad respect for you, even though we disagree. As for the others, oh the others. Bunch of fucking idiots, the lot of them. Still none of them have said something that gets the heart beating shaking. Not even a flutter, and frankly, I'm disappointed. I thought you lot were more vicious than this! Kmt
Protip: Hurling insults at people in retaliation and constantly saying how little you care what they say about you is a great way to look astronomically butthurt.
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