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Re: Naruto_602

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
1. You are clearly misguided or have some serious reading issues. Where did I say no one has the right to question my opinion?

2. Its like your some sort of spasticated moron that everyone has encountered in their life. I made an assumption on Nagato and that's got you frothing at the mouth, chatting all that bs you just said. You make it sound like I said its possible Hinta was prophesied to be Naruto's wife. Now that would be dumb, something I would except an idiot like you to say. But theorizing that Nagato could be prophesied is hardly as outlandish, to me anyway.

3. What did I make up? Go on, tell me and see how stupid you sound. Unlike Kyf however, dickheads like you aint gonna ridicule me without reply.

4. God will you lot find a new proverb book or something. Its so repetative. Occam Razor this, Occam fuckung Razor that. Its so fucking stupid that you smart allicks think its the answer to everything. Let me enlighten you on something genius. Its so EASY to point out the flaws of a theory, since by nature, a theory is not a fact. So stop acting all high and mighty like you're doing something great here. You idiot.

5. Your post gets dumber the more you read it. I said Nagato could be prophesied. NOWHERE in any of my post did I say how this could have come about, nor did I mention this 'someone' who told Madara the prophecy. Now that's your imagination and limited thinking. Its you making shit up now. Read what I said not your juvenile mind thinks I said.

Listen, the way you write is laughable, you are an illeterate compared to someone like Num, so I'll keep quiet about commenting on my writing abilities.

6. This is where your stupidity is displayed for the world to see. If we go strictly by what the manga says, then all Jiraiya was told was that he would train a student that would destroy the world or bring peace to it. When Minato made his decision, he was prophesizing because Naruto did not fit Jiraiya's prophecies ceiteria. Namely, the child was suppose to be a srudent of Jiraiya's, and infant Naruto was not that was he?

Even though Minato had no idea whether his son could even survive the jinchuriki's process much less be the saviour of the world, he still believed and KNEW he was the one. Now obviously we the readers know what's going and Naruto's destiny, but Minato didn't, you moron. So it was a prophecy.

7. So basically no one should even theorize why Madara would give his eyes away to who it turns out to be, a relation of the hated Senju Clan. We should be like you, and think nothing of it shall we? Well you do that, I won't. Is that ok with you?

8. What Itachi said will come to pass dummy. Same as Nagato's belief in Naruto. Naruto will become the hope and saviour of the whole world and when that happens, anyone who predicted/prophesied/planned w/e, would have seen it come true. Now read that back to me asshole, and lets see if you understand.

9. Nothing to discuss? Are you serious? I said there could be a prophecy and ever since, I've being bombarded for daring to even say so. Its fucking stupid. Just think for a second. Madara must have had a reason to give gis eyes to Nagato in the first place. A: Nagato is related to him somehow. B: Nagato was his creation.
C: the tablet prophesied him for some unknown reason.

Lol, but you and the judges say there's nothing to discuss and even if you label your theory as a theory, you are actually making shit up. You fucking clown.

Yep I'm butthurt, cute American terminology. You are absolute right and you have surely put me in my place. Alas, your post was as pointless as you. I question why you even felt the need to write that shit to me.

I only insult people who insult me. If you've noticed, you prat, I aint insulted Num once because.... yep you guessed it, he hasn't insulted me. You can have a lively, witty and banter filled debate without flaming. But idiots like you(you insulted me first, remember) start something, act disrespectful then are shocked when I respond.

You had it too easy with Kyf, but not me. You say one insult to me, and I'll say 100. The first salvo was crossing the line with an insult, so don't plead, beg or wonder why I've over reacted. That's what you get when you fuck with the new Kyf. Rofl.
You've got some major issues if you think that it's mature discourse to make deliberate personal attacks as some kind of retribution for someone saying an idea you had is dumb. You also give this self-righteous horseshit after you deliberately call everyone else but yourself and Numinous fucking dumbshits. Great job.

You basically say "maybe Nagato had some sort of prophecy about him that Madara knew so he gave him his eyes." This statement of indecisive non-stance requires several conditions be true that we have no way of knowing the truth of and no evidence to give plausibility to. One, such a prophecy has to exist, which we have absolutely no evidence of thus far. Two, someone/thing has to give said prophecy (which I'm astounded you don't seem to get given that you jumped on that as a flaw in challenging the hypothesis somehow...), and no such thing has any evidence of existing (because futuresight toad has no reason to have spoken to Madara). Third, Madara must know said prophecy. This is why Jiraiya's Child of Destiny prophecy cannot be used as the possible fate you're proposing.

See, ignoring logical principles such as Occam because you find them "boring" does not change their validity. You're not smart for disregarding shit like that. The reason Occam is relevant to this is because of the aforementioned conditions. Those conditions don't need to be fulfilled if the proposal (Madara gives eyes to Nagato because of a prophecy) is not true. Essentially, fewer assumptions without basis need to be made. In terms of the making shit up, same as Num quoted: "5. Nagato wasn't just a random choice for Madara to give his rinnegan to. It almost seems like Madara read a prophecy or something and knew that his eyes will serve his purpose best once it was given to Nagato". It's making shit up in the sense that no evidence exists to support the claim. Are you speaking as if it MUST BE FAKTZ? No, and thank god because that would mean we'd have two KYFs running around.

As for the butthurt, I really could not care less how you react to other people arguing with you. But being insistent on how not-angry you are when you're flinging all manner of ad hominem (in stead of actual argument) in retaliation is entirely silly. If you think someone's just fucking with you, flinging insults by the hundred is not the best way to show you really could not care less what they have to say in terms of personal attacks.

What Itachi and Nagato and Jiraiya and Minato and all of the others who believe Naruto is SUPER NINJA JESUS, yeah, it's gonna happen. It's not a prophecy though. It's as much a prophecy that Temari was going to move into range of a shadow attack from the hole in the ground during the Chunin exams, by Shikamaru's perspective. He predicted her actions based on planning and knowledge he held at the time. Itachi predicts that Naruto is going to be a good guy and protect the village based on what he knows of Naruto's personality. He does not know it; he hasn't seen future events. But he believes it based on in-universe logical processes. Nagato believes that Naruto could save the world based on knowing Jiraiya's prophecy (here's the difference). He knew that Naruto was Jiraiya's student and that Naruto held a philosophy which Nagato thought could truly change the world. Thus he chose to believe, based on those conditions, that Naruto would. He did not see the future in which it happened and relay it; that's what a prophecy is.

There's a lot of shit you can say. Giraffe hornblowing viking fuck. See? It doesn't necessarily make sense. If I say "Momentum is not conserved!" anyone can go outside, do an experiment, crunch the numbers, and confirm that I'm full of shit. If I say "There's a completely undetectable pink unicorn right next to you," technically it can't be disproven. However, you would have to assume a lot of rather ridiculous shit to actually believe me, now wouldn't you? That's what this is about here. Saying "Madara gave Nagato his eyes due to a prophecy" can't be proven or disproven, but without any evidence and thus reason to believe it, the claim of possibility has little value.

Was that non-insulting enough for your delicate sensibilities?
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