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Re: Naruto_600

Let's get one thing straight since many people somehow fall into the same stupid hole as KYF about what Kabuto said.

Here's the raw, in case you want to check it out for yourself.


Red hair is a feature of the heirs of the Uzumaki clan's blood.

Since feature means, in context, a prominent/distinctive characteristic of something, this means that the red hair is indeed a prominent/distinctive quality of the Uzumaki, but that does NOT mean all Uzumaki are red hairs, like the previous trademark remark made by Obito meant. Also notice how the word "all" is completely absent of the original Japanese. So, please, stop using inanities as evidence when the damn protagonist is a blond Uzumaki.

Now for KYF failing at... pretty much everything.

I was not referring to just hair color or eye color, but skin tone/color as well.
... which is as easily changeable since it's all about how much melanin the skin cells have, so it requires roughly the same amount of genes as hair/eye color. I don't know why you bothered taking it into account, honestly.

And there is only supposed to be two clans directly from the sage himself about 1000 years ago...
It's three clans and the timeline is unknown. You said nothing correct here.

Meaning that two white as white skinned brother, each with black eyes living on the same small continent managed having a whole ranbow of descendants...
And humans, chimpanzees and gorillas share a common ancestor that lived in southern Africa 6 millions of years ago, and look how its descendants are so different from each other. So what's so unbelievable about people with different hair/eye/skin colors being descended from the same guy a good chunk of centuries ago? Time is key here, and the descendants clearly had time to be diverse.

basic descendants, correct...
Uchiha:black eyes, black hair... pale skin... just right...
Senju: Back hair, black eyes, pale skin... just right...
One of the Uchiha that confronted Itachi about Shisui's death was blond and Tobirama had gray hair with red eyes, and I call bullshit if you try to say Tobirama isn't as much of a Senju as Hashirama was, they're brothers for fuck's sake.

So I think I pretty much detonated your pitiful attempt at undermining basic genetics, didn't I?

Uzumaki:Red hair... light eyes (green or hazel I think) slightly tan, not just pale skin...
Karin has burgundy eyes that match her hair and we don't know what color were Nagato's eyes. So trying to extrapolate eye color of the Uzumaki based on Kushina alone (she has blue eyes, by the way, even on that you fail miserably) is laughable at best. And tan? Where? I'm more tanned than the three known Uzumaki, and I'm pale by local standards.

Kin:Light eyes, not pale skin and dirty blonde hair...
Gin:Light eyes, not panle skin and Grey hair...
... and they're not confirmed to be descended from the RS, only rumored to be. And even if they were, so what? None of their features require more time than the timeline RS is in.

Note:Those who are jinkchurrrikis are related to the sage enough that they are compatible to become one with a bijuu created from the juubi and the sage's powers... passed down through his bloodline....
Not canon, therefore the examples that follow that asspull of yours can't be considered.

Explain all how all this^^^ up here came from two black eyed and haired, pale as white shit skinned brothers in only about 1000 years....
Easy: only the Senju, Uzumaki and Uchiha are confirmed to be descendants. Also, while Senju and Uchiha shared the same genetic conditions by living in the same area, the Uzumaki suffered others by the simple fact of living in another area, which was more remote. After drifting apart from the Senju, the Uzumaki bloodline simply had a significant input of red hair genes, either by mutation or from mating with another local clan and, since they lived in a more remote area, the trait was kept down the generations.

If you don't understand this, read the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. He made a fantastic job studying this with bird species that were separated by living in different isles of the Galapagos and witnessed the same effect in them.

It should not be possible if proper genetics is being applied in this here manga story.... even you know it as one of the members who constantly complain about the misuse of science and everything else in this manga...
So the guy who is studying goddamn genetics is telling you that it is most certainly possible with proper genetics and you don't believe in it? My God, your bias knows no bounds.

It is not uncommon for a child to take on more of one parent then the other, pay attention...
Of course it's not uncommon, because there's threesome and monosome syndromes resulting from the child taking more or less chromosomes from a certain parent than they should. But the standard is the child taking 50% of its genetic material from each parent, meaning that, by the standard, you're wrong.

I never said take on only one parent, that is ridiculous...

and naruto, tsunade have some uzumaki in them, but clearly did not take after that bloodline
Unless you can't read what you write yourself, you pretty much said that both Naruto and Tsunade did not take after the Uzumaki bloodline, meaning they did not inherit the traits of the Uzumaki, which is physically impossible for Naruto at least since he had to take 50% of his mother's DNA. And his mother is a Uzumaki.

Clearly gaara took after his father and his bloodline thus gaining his red hair and magnetism element KKG... why do try to complicate this so much???
It's not confirmed Gaara has that KKG and Temari and Kankurou also take from their father's bloodline, meaning that if Gaara is an Uzumaki, Temari and Kankurou also are, also meaning that not all Uzumaki are redheads, further meaning that the universal premise that even took Gaara into account is completely bogus. So by trying to make Gaara an uzumaki you're destroying your own premise.

Yea, thanks for admitting you were wrong to me... wait, that is not what you actually did...
I don't owe you anything, I already admitted I was wrong, if you didn't bother to give it a read it's your own damn fault, not mine.

You must of just randomly said, "well I guess madara did give nagato his eyes"... never actually admitting you were wrong as shit
ARE YOU COMPLETELY BLIND? I gave the quote by the word, if you don't trust me click the damn arrow, it'll take you to the original post where the quote is there, completely unadulterated. Seriously, your bias is pathetic.

No, you should have been mature about it, grew a set of testicles over your mangina and apologized to me directly...
After you apologize to me for all your slander without being a cynical pussy lashing out more slander over the butthurt.

Then maybe there would be no need for this stupid argument about where or how you already admitted you were wrong about something the manga already proved you wrong on two separate occasions...
Well, considering you were wrong about so much shit the manga proved itself and never admitted it, I don't consider it a stupid argument to call you retarded when you're being retarded.
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