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Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
This explains a lot. and btw why couldn't I create this thread

edit: So the other white thing maybe Tobi as Zetsu said he is a good boy just like how is calls Tobi. Hence Tobi must be the other white zetsu thingo who has taken over Obito. Atleast the timeline problem has been fixed I hope
Yeah I always have issues creating threads...idk what that is...

So I called it like many others, Zetsu or the entity came second to Obito. Odd that the "androids" (DBZ KISHI) are giving their body for Obito to use. Not the training I would of thought he went through. As we all called it the mask came from the zetsu body. I am guessing these two zetsu somehow form the Zetsu as a whole we come to know. Other than that damn why so many pages of flashback bs! I thought it would be the rock but Kishi decided to place them under Mist boarders. Maybe this is where Obito takes his vengeance and plunges Mist into a bloody decade of strife.

EDIT: also maybe this Zetsu stays with Obito and that could be where the somewhat split personality comes from... or Obito is just crazy

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