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Re: 603

[QUOTENow that explains why Tobi was so "goofy" in the beginning of Shippuuden. It was that spiral looking Zetsu talking, and the serious Tobi was Obito talking...makes sense.

The height problem can be fixed by this too,if he was wearing a taller suit.

But i still have 2 questions. Where is Madara?Did he die?

And where does the Black Zetsu come in all of this?

The long haired Tobi that Itachi saw was indeed Obito Uchiha...This one chapter explains alot.[/QUOTE

You see what I mean...why was Tobi so damn nuts and goofy.... like a whole diff persona..but during the Itachi vs Sasuke fight..he is BOTH! Not two people. He stops the games and becomes serious! I don't think two bodies at that point but maybe before hand.

Madara is sleep!

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