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Re: 603

Nice chapter and Kishi once again shows how good he is at writing comedy and wwtting the appetites of his readers.

Love the spiral faced Zetsu. Since these androids have feelings, its understandable that one of them would take to Obito and want to help him.

I also liked the way it showed Obito growing his hair, which in hindsight, its obvious that would happen being stuck in the cave for so long.

Where is Black Zetsu, I wanna see his origin and this chapter explains why the Zetsu's can move through the earth. Hmmm I wonder if Hashirama had that power to move through the earth as well, after all, they owe their very existence to him.

I like the way Obito was still thinking of his teammates and still cussing Kakashi in his sleep, lol.

Personally, I think its more than reasonable and believable that Obito will become an avid supporter of the MEP. Think about it, it brings peace and it can revive those who are dead, including your loved ones. Its a much better plan than Nagato's WMD ideology.

This could possibly be a reason why Obito cared little for human life and killed at will. He knew all those dead could be revived.

That spiral Zetsu may be part of the reason why Obito could use his kamui so much without ever going blind. Kamui as its becoming apparent, is a very rare and special MS technique and Obito doesn't know the full power of it yet. What if, and IF is the operative word here, the spiral Zetsu somehow could copy and mimic Obito's kamui(s/t) and thus, Obito uses his s/t without activating his ms? Sort of like a symbian who becomes one with its host.

Last point: thousands if not millions of people die everyday but that doesn't change us or our morals. However, God forbid, if one of our love one's die, trust me, it is far more likely that you will change your perspective in life, even though its just one person dead. So cut Obito and Kishi some slack will you. This aint a novel or some Shakespearean masterpiece. Its a fucking manga for fuck sakes, why would you except some genius writing week in week out? Lol

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