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Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
The Gaiden took place less than a year after Obito was crushed. The entire time during the Gaiden, the only opportunity Obito had to see the markings was on the kunai Minato gave to Kakashi. The seal was never explained while Obito was part of the group (Minato explained the markings when Kakashi woke up after the cave-in). When Minato took out the first enemy ninja that he rescued Kakashi from, the seal was on the guy's foot and Obito was blinded by tears.

As I said, it was only when they fought that he figured out the markings. He didn't know how Minato's FTG worked until then. All he knew was that Minato was extremely fast, and Rin even believed FTG was just Minato's Shunshin (mentioned to Obito/Kakashi when Minato teleported to kill the first guy).

You mean less than a year before Obito was crushed. I agree with you that during the Arc Obito is not aware of FTG's capabilities. BUt we disagree that when Minato fought Tobi, Tobi was well aware of FTG. Even the markings itself. He referenced him as the yellow flash. At this time Obito is aware and knows how to work around FTG. Minato is just too fast. He gets slammed by rasengan only due to FTG2. Which Obito would not know....
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