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Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
You mean less than a year before Obito was crushed.
Actually, I meant that the Gaiden arc took place less than a year before Naruto's birth. Obito being crushed to Naruto's birth was less than a year. It's 4 am for me, and I had a long day at work.

I agree with you that during the Arc Obito is not aware of FTG's capabilities. BUt we disagree that when Minato fought Tobi, Tobi was well aware of FTG. Even the markings itself.
He was only aware of it during the fight. He didn't go in prepared for it. Not hard to figure out the markings when they appear everywhere, and always nearby when Minato teleported to them (A even figured that out).

He referenced him as the yellow flash.
Everyone knew that moniker. It wasn't exactly a secret code name for him. Enemies knew it because Minato had a "flee on sight" order tagged to his description, allies knew it because they witnessed it. It became his nickname during the war because of his speed and his blonde hair making a yellow flashing streak when he ripped apart enemy groups.

At this time Obito is aware and knows how to work around FTG. Minato is just too fast.
He didn't know how to work around FTG until he encountered it when he tried to suck Minato into the other dimension. He even told himself to adjust the speed of the warping next time he caught him to stop Minato from teleporting. If he knew the full workings of FTG, he would've prepared his warping better and caught him the first time.
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