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Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
Yeah sorry, my post wasn't very clear and I didn't realise you made the Venom link as well. For me, it seems that the spiral Zetsu is somewhat fond of Obito and its also a newbie compared to the others. The previous chapter showed the spiral Zetsu just after he was created. So imagine such a being growing and being as one with his host.

With Zetsu's ability to copy a person's exact chakra after just a few seconds of touch, imagine what years could do, wearing it as a suit. I have scant little proof of this but I have a feeling that is going to have some bearing on why Obito has used kamui for years without any side effects.
This is something Kishi needs to clear was hinted with Madara that Obito used Kamui to phase through the boulders. If this is the case Obito can use Kamui in his basic SG form, thus not making him go blind...People can say it was because Kishi was keeping his identity secret. I don't agree...I personally believe Kamui has different levels which we know just from Kakashi's Kamui and Obito's....
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