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Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
It says grow grow meaning Obito is using wood style. Booya
LOl I just read that myself lol...

@ Minato Uchiha

I don't think Zetsu was in anyway a deserter to his creator...just as it is to be...Obito will take the helm as Madara....and Zetsu must follow him in order to meet Madara's preparations head on. This is also the reason why one calls him Madara and the other Tobi. I think my idea about Spiral Zetsu's influence will have alot to do with Obito's growth as a individual. Also this explains why Obito was so buddy buddy with Zetsu. Being the one who knew everything and the last one of Akatsuki to be beaten. Their relationship is almost brotherly (Spiral Zetsu, Zetsu)
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