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Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
I missed the part where it showed obito going to the mist, stealing shisui's genjutsu eye then controlling the mist for years before going to konaha after getting caught... Your idea of proof is premature as shit!!!

We just saw a medium haired obito become no haired obito... how is any of this proving that obito was the long haired tobi???
For fuck's sake dude.... seriously!

The ground work is there.
1. It's been stated and proven that Tobi/Madara was the one behind Yagura being mind-fucked and causing the whole "Blood-Mist" shit.
2. Obito still has a raging hard on for Rin, even though there is the whole pedophilia thing going on between Madara and Obito.
3. F'n "no poop" Zetsu comes through and says that Rin and Kakashi are being attacked by the Mist.

Can you not connect the fuckin' dots?

Then there is the whole aspect of Zabuza supposedly having already graduated from the Blood Mist's academy before the shit even starts.
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