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Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
OK... The Guyver zetsu suit can explain obito's height and strength increase after obtaining the MS... but what about his skills and knowledge as well... That is not something a zetsu suit can offer...

I can sense an ass pull a'coming...
Idk kyf think about it. He has Madara as a teacher, dis guys been around for a REAL long time, he knows a lot of jutsu. That along with the sharingan (iirc it helps the user learn Justus?) he could learn a lil something pretty quick. Also he has zetsu. He can travel damn near anywhere he want and we know from the sasuke itachi fight that he can basically watch a fight and analyze Justus. That's my explanation on how obito knew how to combat the ftg. That and Minato is his former teacher. I saw a post where someone said obito still dnt understand how ftg worked even when he was with minato. so givin the short amount of time and how zetsu dissected Kirin when sasuke used it, I say zetsu and madara figured out how ftg worked and madara and zetsu helped obito figure a way around it. Imma go on the deep end and say obito obtained ms after seeing rin die and couldda been down there fighting 100 zetsu at once trying to master kaumi (sp chck). I'm exaggerating on the numbers but that's just how it would make sense to me.

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