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Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
How do I get SHisui??? WTF do you mean "Get shisui"??? All I am saying is that he cannot be counted out as involved in all this until it is all revealed... But someone as brilliant as you has to make a post to criticize something you do not even understand...

You went out of your way to call me names like a third grader because you think "I got shisui" from this chapter which is not even what happened... You just cannot read... for the love of jebus... Get hooked on phonics... You clearly have trouble with reading comprehension...

Or maybe you are having a bad day and you wanted some thanks or rep for calling me names because your life is just that sad... You are stuck in a pitiful existence where all the validation... sense of love, admiration or even respect... comes from random internet people because you are just... that.... pathetic....
Are you happy now??? Did you fit in and feel like you achieved something? Good for you... Nothing says "I am brilliant" like going on an internet forum and insulting someone about something you did not even comprehend because it seems to be the popular thing to do...

I will tell ya what... I will thank your post so you at least did not do this for nothing and so you can have something to get you through the day...

Have a great day....

no you just give me a headache. i dont need to fit in to be honest i really dont even post often anymore i am just tired of people giving u perfectly logical explanations and you ignored them the manga itself even proves ur wrong and your like uh uh.... where im from if you have been proven wrong and you still think your right we call you an idiot.
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