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Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
But anyone with a single SG and middle to long hair could have been the person in the shadows... it did not actually reveal who it was...
while Obito took off his mask and showed kisame his face which made him recognize obito as madara/mizukage...
a genjutsu that was used on yagura to control his mind could have been used there too... making kisame see or believe w/e "????" or tobito wanted... the whole thing has been over complicated by the author IMO...

Kishi just completely messed up the timeline and set up of all the tobi's so it could turn out to be just obito or three different people...
You are adding weight to my argument, not your's.

Not much to compare when little is known about either character, but obito's did match up some what... but again, did not want to think the author would actually do that to obito after he became a hero and everything....
In hindsight (and shittiness), it makes perfect sense. It's the cliche' story of a tragic hero. Riding high one moment, down in the gutter the next, only to go down in a blaze of glory.

Then why is his body missing??? Kabuto knows where every single badass shinobi he wanted is and got almost all of them except Jman who is deep within the ocean at depths no ne can possible go into (will be crushed)...
and SHISUI, who he could find none of at all... despite even finding some of madara around to edo him...
As I've already stated, Kabuto is skeered of water.

Why is the uchiha who is supposed to be dead missing while the one who is supposed to be alive actually dead and edo'ed... The whole thing implies shisui is still running around or body is being held by someone and all traces hidden as well which is why kabuto could not find any of him except with danzou... having shisui's right eye...
*looks down, does face palm*
Do you.... fathom the possibilities of shittiness your statement allows?

AO said so himself... SHisui is involved... it was his genjutsu that was controlling the mizukage and AO even fought him allowing him learn of shisui's special chakra color that is comparable to hashirama's...

AO said himself... he saw through the genjutsu placed on the 4th mizukage so the genjutsu danzou was using could not fool him... after explaining he fought shisui and knew things about his genjutsu that only someone who experienced it should know...
It all implies shisui was there controlling yagura and was busted by AO, fought him then ran off back to the leaf... Then suddenly wanted to end his identity (kill himself) just to go missing completely after that... otherwise there would have been a shisui edo, but kabuto found nothing of shisui at all and is the only shinobi he could find nothing of... stated by kabuto himself...
And Kisame was there as well. Unlike Kisame, Ao was not a part of Akatsuki or tagging along with Madara/Tobi in Kirigakure. Ao has not been shown to have two face to face meetings with Madara/Tobi. Kisame has.
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