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Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
I am not referring to tobito as the user of that genjutsu... so how doe sit ad weight??? Shisui's genjutsu was going to make sasuke, the one person who truly hates konaha and wants to annihilate it with every thing he has... want to protect it like a small defenseless puppy...
SO if shisui's genjutsu used by a crow with a simple command "protect konaha" could do that... then imagine what shisui was capable of with his commands...

How many things go over your head?

How does that not allow him to find any of shisui??? Supposedly the body was recovered yet not buried or any of left anywhere for some reason....

Those are things that are done to hide something about shisui... which does not fit with "shisui is simply dead, nothing else"....
Funny then how the two main figures that have not been drawn out by Kabuto died by drowning. Coincidence?

It suggest something to actually make sense... How is shisui going to be just like obito yet have nothing to do with obito and his goals at all despite being known as the one who's genjutsu controlled the mist village and fought AS back then... while obito was there doing the same thing as well, controlling yagura...
How thick is your skull?

All kisame did was see the person who was behind yagura, supposedly controlling him... while AO was the one to notice the mizukage is under a genjutsu, break him out, fight shisui and free the mizukage from years of control...
Ao is not exactly a non-credible witness to the incident... He was there to break yagura free, fight off shisui and save the mist supposedly...
Oh for fuck's sake.

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