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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Ok so here it's something strange about Yagura being controled with the Sharingan.

If i recall well, a jincuuriki that is synced with the biju cannot be placed under a genjutsu due to the beast disrupting the flow of chakra and thus releasing the jincuuriki. And Yagura is one of the few that managed to fully control his tailed beast. So then, how could Tobi/Obito/Madara who the fuck you want, control him with a Sharingan? The beast would have simply disrupted the flow of chakra and the genjutsu would have vanished. I hate to say this, i really hate to say this, and if you don't belive me i will say it again: i fucking hate to say this...but the only jutsu that could be able to control Yagura ( from what we know so far) is the Kotoamatsukami. What do you think?
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