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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
So basically Obito and Zetsu fused gives Tobito both Dudes abilities, PLUS Harashirma, PLUS possibly some of Madara as well. That would make a formidable combination. And I'm starting to understand the battle with Minato a bit. Obito didn't 'OWN' Minato becuase of his speed...
Obito didn't use powers from Hashirama, Madara, or even Zetsu in that fight. It was all him. The only jutsu he performed were Tailed Beast Extraction, Kamui, and the Summoning Technique. He didn't own Minato either. Dude got his shit pushed in. Minato died that day because he wanted to, choosing to use the Death God so that Kushina could meet Naruto someday.
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