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Re: 604 Predictions/Spoilers


Scene shows pieces of small wood fragments scattered all over the ground. Obito stands to his feet,Obito: Hey are you ok? Hey I know you can hear me? OK seriously talk damnit! PClone: I am here within your subconsciousness. Sorry but my body can no longer protect you. I hardened my body to protect us from that blast. Obito: I am sorry, I wasn't thinking...PClone: I am your friend too! I may not be this Rin or BaKakashi but I am your friend too! YES! Obito: Yes you are my friend and because of you I may have time to save my other friends! The blast leaves an impression of a mask over Obito's face. He quickly regains hope and runs toward Rin's location. Voice: He will never see it coming. Madara has plans for you...I like you...we won't let you leave us! A plant like creature is seen inside the tree Rin is hiding under. Rin: I hope Kakashi comes back safe. I can't take this stress, its a painful strain on my heart. I hate waiting and being the damsel in distress every time. I just want to bring the smiles back....I miss you OBITO! Obito: I have a terrible feeling in my chest! (ELSEWHERE) Kakashi is seen running..Kakashi: (Grabs his eye) I have to hurry, I can sense a evil and murderous intent! Voice: We Zetsu also have a help Madara sama dream come true. The Zetsu slides down the shaft of the tree and transforms into one of this Mist ninja. Zetsu: I am sorry deary, but I cannot allow you to live any longer...The panel cuts to the back of Zetsu as we see blood slash across his body. A horrific scream is let out! Just as Obito and Kakashi arrive at the same time, Obito takes to a higher plateau. Kakashi slides on his knees grabbing Rin... as he is too late..she has been killed. Kakashi: NOOOOO!!!!..................I am sorry Rin.........I am sorry Obito.....I have let you both down. Kakashi crawls into a fetal position with heavy tears flowing from his eyes and heart.......

Obito: Ri......Rrr....RINNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pupil flickers) Letting out a echoing bellow....the Uchiha is torn from his conscious. Ho..Ho.H...How could you!!!! Ho ow How dare you! (pupil flickers) KAKASHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ! Obito is seen bleeding from his eye. Obito: I will make you pay....I will make your happiness crumble! You said you would protect promised me........I was happy with dying...content knowing I could protect the two of you........I have trained "this body" so hard in these past months to get back to you! To be beside you basque in your glory..I could of sat on the sidelines for the rest of my life knowing Rin would be in it......I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU KAKASHI! I WILL MAKE YOU ALL PAY.....I WILL MAKE YOU ALL UNDERSTAND MY HURT! Obito grabs his chest out of extreme pain...he grovels in anguish. As it begins to rain we see Minato flash in beside Kakashi. He has tears also in his eyes. (What we hear) Minato: I am sorry for not being here Kakashi! We just got word of the ambush.........Kakashi:................. ... Minato: sigh......this cycle of hatred....master when will it let up? Obito spots Minato: Sensei! EVEN WITH YOUR SPEED YOU WERE LATE! Obito falls unconscious......Minato with Rin in his arms and Kakashi hanging on one shoulder, they disappear in a flash of yellow light.

Else where back in the mysterious underground lair of Madara's seems your friend broke his promise to you.....I am sorry Young Uchiha that you must feel this heartache. I know it very well...Obito: Like you care! Just JUST LEAVE ME TO MYSELF! Madara Slowly crutches toward Obito. Madara: I know more about pain than you will ever you tasted your first bitter cup and had your fill of this world. If you follow me you can see your lost loved ones whenever...a world filled with love and peace....there is always a place for you next to my side. Obito: You can bring her back? You can deliver her to me and you promise Madara: The moons eye plan.....haven't you been listening? I told you..I will make you the Hero of the Uchiha.....

Obito: If that is what it takes to get her back so be it...I am done with this world...and every soul in it....
Madara smiles....well it seems your emotional state has been of some good have awoke your first stage in revenge....the Mangekyo Sharingan..........

(panel zooms in on the spiraling pupil)


Clinging to Darkness personified............605
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