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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Well the considering all we know about Yagura's control of the three tails is from 1 panel saying he was one of the four I believe capable of controlling a tailed beast. I was under the assumption for a Jinchuuriki to have complete control over the beast they had to be friendly to prevent the chakra trade crap. The real problem is we don't know for sure what they consider in control. If control would be Naruto's chakra mode first seen then it's not hard to believe that he could be controlled with any genjutsu especially if the three tails thought he was a huge faggot or whatever.

Now if they meant control as in Bee's control of the 8 tails then Yagura would need to have a similar relationship with the 3 tails. Which brings us back to whether kotoamatsumaki or Tobi's ability to control a tailed beast is what let Yagura be controlled.

But we honestly won't know unless Kishi decides to explain that. Which I would think with the flashback we would see more about Obitos journey to this point other than OMG KAKASHI NO SAVE RIN

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