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Re: 604 Predictions/Spoilers

Jericho Prediction

Naruto 604: "Truth"

We see Obito coming out of the ground wearing a robe *and the zetsu body, " come on we gotta get there!"
{i'm coming Rin & Kakashi!}

scene change we see a young Zabuza with 5 other Mist ninja. They are facing Off against Kakashi,Guy & Rin.

Guy kicking someone, "leaf hurricane!"

Rin, "He is such a unique ninja, naming his taijutsu moves."

Kakashi, "yes, unique. Exactly, but he has lately been the only one to keep up with me. Glad he decided to tag a long.....Chidori!"

Kakashi impales a mist Ninja.

Rin, {then again we name all our *jutsu so I guess it kinda makes sense.}

Soon Tobito arrives with the white Zetsu, in time to see Zabuza facing the three Leaf nin with only 2 mist ninja left.

Bito, {Guy? He is my replacement? Maybe i'm jumping to conclusions.)*

Rin is in the rear while Zabuza is fighting Guy and another Ninja fights Kakashi.

At a glance Kakashi sees Zabuza doing a water dragon jutsu against Guy. His SG is exposed.

Bito from a hiding place, "he just copied that guys jutsu, with my SG. {Way to go Kakashi}. Now I'm coming into help!"

As he approaches he sees he Mist ninja about to attack Guy from his blind spot, while he is busy with Zabuza.

Obito, " dammit I cant use fure jutsu with u covering my mouth!"

He jumps in front of the ninja protecting Guy.*

The Mist ninja, "bad move new guy! Huge shurikens of death!"

He summons this same shuriken he sent out vs Naruto just recently. They are speeding towards him.

Obito, {dammit am I gonna die here instead?!} "no!"

Tobi, " use your fear! Look at the attack!"

Obito watches the shuriken zooming towards him, a portal opens and sucks the attack in.


The portal keeps going until he Mist ninja is almost sucked in until Onito stops by covering his eye.

Mist ninja terrified, " what are you?!"

Obito uncovers his eye, " what was that?"

Zabuza, " hmmm this isnt worth my time, we will meet again leaf village!"

Guy is talking to Obito, " Hey do I know you? Thank you for the help."

Tobi reveals Obito's face, " it's me, Guy."*

Guy is looking at Obito confused, " can't place the face. I only know one person that wes a mask and has a SG."*

He turns, "Kakashi!"

We see Kakashi and Rin holding hands the Kisses his mask.

We see Obito frown.

Guy, " hey you two cone here, there is..."

When he turns Obito is gone.

Kakashi, " come on Guy, we gotta report this. No time for your silliness."


Obito is furious he is punch walls.

Tobi removing himself, " hey, watch it thats me your hitting things with!"

Obito says nothing them goes over by his bed and sits there.

Madara walks over, " he is your friend isn't he?"

Both say together, "yes he is."

Madara, " well your friend is in pain, much pain. No medicine or bandage can help. I only we knew the source, then it could be removed."

Both Zetsu think, " removed?"

Madara gives a menacing look them walks away.

Present time.

Kakashi, "where are you getting your information?"

Obito, "what do you mean?"

Kakashi, " there were times she was in danger as a med ninja, yes. There was even this time before she,wait. That was it!"

Obito, " what are you talking about Kakashi?!"

Kabuto " look your pretty informed so you probably know i was in the ANBU."

Obito, " yeah so, you became a captain I heard. What are you getting at?"

Kakashi, "i didnt go in by myself. When you join ANBU your usually not well known yet and you just fade away. People think u died on a mission or something. Well * after the*
War i went in but so did Rin."

Obito, "what?! No she was killed i know because, because."

Kakashi, "we you there or were you told? Because our last known mission together we both died."

Naruto, " both died?"

Guy, " it is not uncommon for a ninja to take a dangerou moment and use it as an opportunity to disappear into the ANBU."

Kakashi, "i eventually left the ANBU, but she stayed in even today she is still in. I have not til anyone this, but you did love her so i guess you should know. She loved you too."

Obito, " alive in ANBU? Loved me but she kissed your mask. I saw her kiss you!"

Kakashi, " after u died she vowed to cherish evey time we lived through something together. She kissed my mask, not me. Just her way of showing she cared for me as a close friend."

Obito just looks at him.

Kakashi, "If you really want to see Rin, i can maje it happen, i was ginna do this for someone else when we got the chance as oart of my final lesson to him."

He looks back at Naruto with bee evading Madara's attacks in kurama mode.

Naruto, { final lesson, what is he talking about?}

Kurama, {pay attention to madara Naruto!}

Kakashi, "so how *bout it do you want to see Rin?!"

Obito, " yes! If you are not lying to me!"

kakashi reaches under his vest in the back and pulls out....

Obito, "Fourth Hokage kunai?!"

Kakashi stands with a kunai that resembles the one the Hokage gave him years ago.

Kakashi, " prepare yourself, he won't be happy."

Next: "changed"
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