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Originally Posted by emachina View Post
It's obvious, after reading this chapter the writer is clearly using Hashirama DNA on Sakura and Hinata to boost their chakra in order to make them suitable hosts for Shisui's offspring, who we all know is really Tobito, manga facts. That's why the writer has put Hinata and Sakura into the position of getting jizzed on by 500 different ninjas. He is hoping the combination if ying jizz and yang jizz will combine on their faces to create a suitable replacement Hashirama DNA after the wing dang doddle mixes with the jell-o pudding pop!

Let me show you a picture. Hold on, how you do you get the picture to show? Oh we'll, fuck it, there's a scene on page 15, third panel, if you, look closely there is DNA in bot Sakura and Hinata's eyes. From what we know irl women say that's painful, but as you can clearly see both females don't seem to mind. Which shows their bodies have accepted the Hashirama DNA.

Why do I bring this up? With the inclusion of Hashirama DNA Shisui will be able to have two children. One a descendent of the Hyuga clan with Hashirama DNA, and another with Sakura who we know is a descendent of the Uzumaki clan. Pink hair, pink is a lighter color of red, all people with any shade of red are Uzumaki's, I've proven this a million times. With these two children, a Hyuga with the sharingan and a Uzumaki with a sharingan, the ying, yang, wing dang doodle jello pudding pop with a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Shisui, who is Tobito, will be able to completely control the Sage of the Six paths and conquer the world.
Dude wtf is this? Please don't go offtopic and relate to SD's fetish.

Oh yeah, and your post marked me for life.
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