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Re: TFS Movie: Revenge of Cooler Abridged

I really don't know, but somehow they just give this series + movies its own cool feeling for me, separate from the Dragonball/Z anime, that doesn't make it feel like a shorter copy with retarded voice-overs. I started feeling this way specifically with the Freezer saga, but the characters just seemed to have so much more personality and when the story progressed it felt more epic; I actually found myself liking Frieza.

Same with Cooler, though to a lesser extent because of the shortness. But the Bane parody didn't hurt in making me like the character- 'cause Bane's pretty awesome, bad ass factor-wise.

Though I realize this is primarily supposed to be a humor thing, but that's hit and miss with me. Though more hit than miss, I guess, otherwise the other, more subtle feeling I was talking about up there probably wouldn't be enough to keep me watching, I dunno.

The overall design and quality of the production isn't bad either, compared to most abridged. Anyway, I'm excited for the next saga, or season.

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