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Re: /Naruto 604\

Originally Posted by Encon Uchiha View Post
We found out alot more in this chapter.

1. Obito is indeed taller because of being wrapped by Spiral Zetsu. So the plot hole about Obito gaining height in less than a year is solved.

2. When connected to Gedo Mazu, you can use its overwhleming power (breaking the cavern wall)

3. Zetsu knows where anyone is at anytime.

4. When Senju+Uchiha DNA is combined, a new power awakens. (possibly Rinnegan?MS with no blindness?)

5. Obito can still see with his other eye in Kakashi. They can share views!

We actually already knew three of those things. Zetsu being Hashirama is the land itself...remember when Naruto and Bee left the island Hideout...Zetsu found them instantly. Yeah I thought the height and size issue was solved from last week. We already know that Uchiha mixed with Senju can open new abilities..maybe this is where his Kamui is from...everyone is suggesting that with Hashi DNA Obito has been spamming eye techniques without going blind. Maybe the two dnas are because of that. Also we know Obito can heal like the Shodai...The shared view is new....What I don't understand is where is the Mazo??? Everytime Madara or Zetsu mention it, the panel shows the flower tree??? Kinda confused over how is it giving off potent power/chakra?
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