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Re: OP 683

Was quite an interesting chapter.

I like some of the theroys going around about Monet, but I think before Law came to Punk Hazard she was actually normal but had a Snow type Devil Fruit. And for some bizarre reason had Law use his ability to swap her body parts around.

The battle between Law and Vergo was brutal I cringed at how bad Law got punched. Was it just me who was sad to see his Law's hat knocked off ? But yeah giving the fight between Smoker and Law we saw how impressive he was, its just in this fight he couldnt really go on the offensive until he got his heart back from Vergo.

Looking forward to Smoker Vs Vergo, this will be Smokers time to show off more of his abilites since the time skip.

@Dag I do agree on the match up of Robin Vs Monet as I would like to think now Robin can use her wings ability for longer than the Thriller Bark arc.
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