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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The last chapter is up guys. Please also read my comments placed in the final post.

Chapter nine: Angels are crying...

The scene shows Vishnu and the Archangels in the Council Room. They are not in a great shape. Wounds and bruises are on each of them. The scene shows Michael, Raphael, Shiva, Vishnu, Gabriel, Brahma and Yama inside the room.

Vishnu: Brothers. We have a problem. The traitors. Their powers are above ours. We need to organize fast and strike them down.
Brahma: You are not the one to talk here, Vishnu. You are a coward who was afraid to fight the enemy!
Gabriel: And you're an idiot Brahma. The kid is far above our level. He ressurected Aphrodite. Do you understand me? He ressurected her!
Brahma: Maybe he is lying. Have you considered that?
Gabriel: It happend before my eyes. Clearly, our Father chose him to lead the assault.
Michael: And thus Brahma, because of your inability to find a solution...
Raphael: We will go with Vishnu.*
Yama: Not anymore.
Brahma: What are you doing here anyway?!? You are not an Archangel!
Vishnu: He is here, because he is also a part of this. You need to understand something. I left behind my fears. My doubts. My only reason to live now, is to protect the mankind. And i will do it, no matter what.
Michael: What do you want us to do?
Vishnu: Our mistake was that we confronted them as a group. If we take each one, seperate, we might have a chance at beating them. Obviously i'm going after Livontes. Now, Yama you will fight Quintrix. I won't make you fight Kubera again, because he knows you too well. Brahma and Shiva will take care of Kubera. Michael, you are going against Nirriti. Raphael you are going against Narasimha.*
Gabriel: What about me?
Vishnu: You will guard the Heavens. If they decide to strike here, with some unknown force, you will be our last resort.
Gabriel: Understood.
Vishnu: We shall prepare ourselves. In three days we are leaving for Earth!

The scene shows the Heaven. Vishnu is walking with Aphrodite.

Vishnu: Tomorrow morning we are leaving. We will confront the traitors and we will kill them.*
Aphrodite: Be careful please. Who knows what can happen...
Vishnu: Indeed. That's why you are also leaving the Heavens.
Aphrodite: What do you mean?!?
Vishnu: I cannot risk having you here. If we lose, the next place that they shall destroy is the Heaven. Because of that, you will leave with a company of angels to Earth. No Archangel will be able to come with you, but the angels that i chosed are the best.
Aphrodite: And where are we going?!?
Vishnu: They received precise intructions from me. You're going to the top of a mountain called Olympus. There, the angels will build a structure that will hold against any assault.
Aphrodite: And who is coming with me?
Vishnu: Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Vulcan, Hermes, Hades, Ares, Artemis, Atena and Hera.
Aphrodite: All these people just for me?
Vishnu: Exactly. All of them are there to protect you!
Aphrodite: I understand...
Suddenly Gabriel lands in front of Vishnu.
Gabriel:'s time. Our last council must begin.
Vishnu: Ok. I'm coming. I will see you tonight my love.*
Aphrodite: Sure. Go.
Vishnu leaves Aphrodite alone while he goes with Gabriel.
Aphrodite checks if she is alone then she says.
Aphrodite: It's safe. Come on out.
Sasuke's voice is heard, as he lands near her.
Sasuke: I know that it's safe. Now, you understand what you have to do?
Aphrodite: I understand Death. I will do as you wish. In order for Vishnu to became the man that he must be, i will do it.
Sasuke: Good. I was expecting no less from you.
Aphrodite: But tell me something! Please!
Sasuke: What?
Aphrodite: Are you certain that we will meet again?
Sasuke: Yes. You will get together again. I promise you.*

The panel shows the Heavens. A day has passed. Vishnu is with Brahma, Shiva, Raphael, Michael and Yama in front of a portal. With them are Aphrodite and Gabriel.

Vishnu: Is everyone ready?
Brahma: Yes we are.
Gabriel: Take care brothers. Return to us. Alive if you can, please.
Vishnu: We will.
The last panel shows them leaving the Heavens through the portal.

The scene shows the Earth. In a giant black fortress a gathering is held. The men are all dressed in black with red stripes in the middle of their coats. The panel shows Livontes, Kubera, Quintrix, Narasimha, Nirriti and Sasuke.*

Sasuke: Your enemies will be here soon. You will fight them. You will defeat them.
Narasimha: Why should we trust you?!? You took me and Nirriti down, back in the Heavens!
Sasuke: It is not your destiny to kill Vishnu. Got it? It's Livontes's job.*
Suddenly Kubera widens his eyes.
Kubera: They are here. On Earth. And approaching quickly.
Livontes: Who came?
Kubera: I can sense their power levels...but i'm not sure about one of them. I feel Yama, Brahma, Shiva, Michael and Raphael. And another one. I think it's Vishnu...but i'm not sure. His power level signature is different. It's more dense than before.*
Sasuke: It's Vishnu. Prepare yourselves. You will defeat them! Got it?
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