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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Vishnu. He is leading his team towards the fortress. Suddenly in front of them lands the renegades. Livontes. Kubera. Narasimha. Nirriti. Quintrix.

Vishnu: This is it. The final battle for the Earth. We have no choice. But to win this...let's go!
Livontes: My brothers! We shall defeat them and claim our kingdom!
Clashes are seen everywhere. Yama with Quintrix. Brahma and Shiva with Kubera. Michael and Nirriti. Raphael and Narasimha. But the most proeminent combatants are standing still and lookinng at eachother, while the Apocalypse unleashes around them. Flames, dust, pain. The air is filled with it. The scene shows each fight. They are all fighting with passion and anger. But Vishnu and Livontes are looking at eachother.

Vishnu: How did we end up here...Livontes?
Livontes: We did...because you failed to see the entire picture, Vishnu. That's why.
Vishnu: And what is the entire picture, Livontes?
Livontes: The an illusion. Everything is a lie. Everything.*
Vishnu: It's not true. Our feelings are real.
Livontes: Feelings? Open your eyes Vishnu! Father made this world for nothing! He gave it to a bunch of simple minds! Minds that are not able to comprehend the reality! The time! The space! The magnitude of the Creation! They need guidance, Vishnu.
Vishnu: You mean dominion. Not guidance.
Livontes: You are a fool. There is no point in reasoning with you. You are blinded by your loyalty. You will of these days...Father...will betray you.
Vishnu as he slowly takes out his sword: I don't think so...
Suddenly the wind gets stronger around them. Lightnings are seen and meteors are falling.
Vishnu activates his Raigan and stares into Livontes's eyes. They are confronting their wills.
Vishnu thinking: The end...
Both of them are clashing their wills . Lightnings are striking the ground, lava it's coming out of it, there are earthquakes, the wind is very strong and meteors are falling from the sky. Cracks are opened in the dimension. Everything is crumbling around them.The whole setup is an apocalyptic one. Both of them have a determined looks in their eyes.*
Vishnu: This is the end, Livontes.*
Livontes: of us will die here today!
Suddenly Vishnu creates out of nothing a lightning sword, and he activates the Raigan in his eyes.
Livontes creates a flame sword and looks at Vishnu with hatred.
They both dash towards eachother, each holding his own blade. Just as they are about to clash the panel shows each's face. Livontes has a face marked by hatred, pain and ager. Vishnu has a sad face, with tears in his eyes and pain on it.
They clash. And the clash is so powerful that it creates a huge sphere of released energy. The blast eradicates everything in it's path. Mountains are reduced to the ground. The sky goes dark. Everything loses it's life. The Earth itself gets powerfuly shaked by their clash.
The panel shows the aftermath. It shows Vishnu and Livontes face to face. Then it shows their bodies. Vishnu impaled Livontes right in the heart with his sword. But Livontes's sword also pierced Vishnu's chest.
Vishnu coughs blood and stares at Livontes.
Livontes: It's my heart...and yet...i felt nothing...there is no pain...
Vishnu: That's because i couldn't bring myself to kill's a sealing technique. It doesn't hurt your body, but your soul.
Livontes: I you are a coward couldn't bring yourself to do it. To erase my existence.
Vishnu as a tear appears in the corner of his eye: That's because you're still my friend...Sealing light...forever banishment!!!
A blue energy rises from Livontes's body and hits the sky, as his lifeless body falls to the ground. Vishnu turns around and looks at his brothers. Narasimha was sealed away by Raphael. Yama defeated Quintrix. Nirriti is still holding a bit against Michael but he falls in a matter of moments.Brahma and Shiva managed to kill Kubera. Vishnu is sad. The world has became a violent place. The angels brought destruction. As he witnesses the entire picture of the world he starts crying.*

The scene shows the Earth. 4000 years have passed since the battle between the angels. The winners are still residing in Heavens. Everyone is happy. Also, God's incarnation on Earht...met his purpose. Then, the panel is slowly swithced to Earth. Most exactly into Lucifer's cave.*

A man is on the ground, in the cave. He has been tortured for 8 months. Then suddenly another man appears next to him.
Lucifer: How are you feeling today? Ready for our torture session?
Unknown man: Please...i will give you anything...anything you want...
Lucifer as he smiles: You already gave me what i wanted. Your soul is mine. And let me tell you what is going to happen. I will break it. I will break your soul. Then, i will take it and place it in a baby. Your soul, will be tained forever. Your soul will be filthy forever. And through that shall became what i always wanted. You will be my gift for the world.
Unknown man: Why?!? Why would you want to do something like that?!? Why do you have to torment a baby?!? A child!
Lucifer laughs: Because through that baby's body...with his will gain access to powers beyond your imagination. Powers that will allow the world to meet it's end.*
Unknown man shocked: What baby?!?
Lucifer: The woman, the pregnant in 8 months now. She will deliver him soon. And before he will leave her womb, your evil soul will replace his pure one. You will have no memory of our meeting. But you will be under my command.
Unknown man: Someone will stop you! The father or someone! You must be stoped!
Lucifer: To think that you're so naive. The father is already gone. You sold him. Mary's husband was crucified because of you...Judas!
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