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Re: 605 prediction and literally about witnessing a plothole

Kakashi: Hehe, boobie. Oh, I mean, oh shit. Rin, I punched you through the heart. My bad.
Tobito: Kakashi, he, he killed the girl I love. She is the most special of specials to me, plot convenience Zetsu super suit. I love her so darn much, and he just fucking killed her like an extra from Temple of Doom.
Zetsu: Wow, that sucks. Whatcha going to do? Wanna talk about taking a shit? I hear people do some of their greatest thinking while dropping a deuce. Since you can't anymore, maybe just talking about doing it will bring about a great idea.
Rin: Garble gurgle, muffuggle derrrrrrrr!
Tobito: I wish that bitch would keep it down, I'm trying to cope with her death.
Kakashi: You obviously need medical attention, so, I'm going to do nothing right now.
Tobito: I've come up with a brilliant plan.
Zetsu: Kill Kakashi where he stands then heal her with Hashirama cells of super powers you carry with you in my plot convenience super suit body, or those cells we used to fix you?
Tobito: No, no that's far to complex. Let's go back to Madara and hatch out a plan wherein we create chaos in the world in order to put everyone into a perpetual state of happiness. We'll need ninjas powerful enough to take over the world. Some immortals, some insanely powerful being of destruction, maybe another guy with magic eyeballs. We'll come together and suck everyone into a massive genjutsu of happiness and this way I can live happily with Rin. Well at least for two weeks before I die of starvation and dehydration. I will make it my life's goal.
Rin: Gurgle.
Zetsu: She appears to still be alive, you could. I don't know, walk over there and use some of these magic Hashirama cells of magical ninja healing.
Tobito: Like that stupid plan would work.
Zetsu: Half your body was crushed, your lungs were collapsed, your brain had holes in it from the massive skull damage. We fixed you,
Tobito: Shut up. My way is better. Now, let's go service Madara and get this plan into action.
Zetsu: Fucking emo Uchiha's.
One Piece! Hell Yeah!
One Piece! Hell Yeah!

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