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Re: OP 683

Originally Posted by Pritha View Post
I think it has to be smoker vs vergo and smoker has to finish off vergo otherwise there is no point for him to be still chasing after luffy since luffy is way too powerful for him. Only if he finishes vergo here you can say that he is somewhat closer to defeating luffy.

And i seriously want zoro to enter the fight, i dont know why he is still sleeping there
or atleast let the SH's to stand their ground and fight.
They have been running the whole time now.
Running to survive and because they have to...time limit for the doors and the death gas...Zoro really for right now doesn't have a match up. When Dofla guys show up they will be fighting with Zoro at least one of them. RIght now the matches are set up to perfectly. Would love to see individual blow out fights but we are being setup for the climax of this arc. RIght now though, Law, Luffy and Smoker must prevail. Smoker will win, he hasn't fought Luffy and their match will be fun. Also I still see room for a new member. So Oda is doing alot right now with our current plot.
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