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Re: OP 683

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Like I said before, since we didn't see what was happening before it cut to the fight we can do nothing but speculate on how the fight was unfolding, and like before I maintain that Vergo using the heart the whole time is a sound conclusion.

I see no problem with what happened, Vergo fought smart. He kept Law down with the heart while keeping constant pressure with his physical might, Law wasn't given room to do anything ( no pun intended ).
I doubt Vergo had the heart from the start. It isn't clarified in the manga yet but i think one reason of Law going to the SAD room was to get his heart. The fight was already going on when Law got his heart back but was promptly taken away again by vergo. Either way vergo does seem to be stronger than law, he's already beaten law once. Anyway he's out cold now.

Smoker and Vergo take the center stage. CC will show up there soon too, wonder who joins them from SH's.

Btw what do you guys think on Monet being the next nakama. She's behaving quite a bit like Robin did with croc. Her intentions aren't clear yet. Perhaps Dofla is holding on to her sister or something. Though that would be a bit repetitive, which isn't Oda's style.
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