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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Been more times than that. He's used it 4 times in just this fight, which may explain the bleeding, since it puts a significant strain on him. He used it three times on Diedara. He used it twice against Sasuke, to absorb an arrow from Susano'o. He used it during his fight with Pain to absorb the nail being launched with Shinra Tensei.

Unless you were just counting this fight, then it's been 4. He tried to warp the Gedo Mazo's head away, the kunai, the rasengan, and then Naruto.

Simple, and it has nothing to do with Hashirama. Kakashi is not an Uchiha, so the strain of using the sharingan/MS is much more significant on him. Obito is an Uchiha, so use of the sharingan in either form isn't nearly as debilitating. Using Amaterasu causes the eye to bleed, as well, and it takes a significant toll on the user.

Kakashi was originally limited to 3 uses a day, and was almost in a coma. 4 puts a major strain on his eye and causes the bleeding.
1. I didn't literally mean 6 times but Kakashi has used it no more than 10 times and his eye is bleeding.

2. Its actually not simple. Earlier, you said Kakashi hasn't shown any signs of the MS side effects, but the fact that for the FIRST time his eye was bleeding after using kamui, is him displaying a side effect of Ms. Yes, it could be overuse but in this one encounter alone, Obito has used kamui a dozen times if not more and his eye aint bleeding.

Obito using kamui constantly imo, can only be explained by the following.
1. Its a sharingan jutsu so no eye bleed
2. He has Hashi cells incorporated in his body in a much higher form than Danzo sticking on Hashi's parts.
3. Kamui/Obito is special
4. Kishi ass pull.

Lol, I can almost guess which option you'll agree with.

@apacolypz: I hear you man and I like banter and jokes. Its no problem for me, who wants to read a boring forum anyway. I'm on SI and the way we talk to each other there, makes this forum look like its being run by Mary Poppins. So I'm ok if ppl wana laugh at my post but its HOW you do it, that's my beef. This Kyf reference is like a red rag to me because I hate the way Kyf is always attacked and if others say something that sounds stupid to the person, they call him Kyf. Why oh why, especially when I've told you, don't do it?

Lol, what else I'm I suppose to do mate, laugh it off?

Take what Kael03 is doing to me now. He is literally tearing my theory to shreds and I'm trying to salvage as much of it as I can. I haven't being rude to him, I appreciate what he is saying. But if he done it in a rude obnoxious way, its all guns blazing. You get me?

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