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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
1. I didn't literally mean 6 times but Kakashi has used it no more than 10 times and his eye is bleeding.

2. Its actually not simple. Earlier, you said Kakashi hasn't shown any signs of the MS side effects, but the fact that for the FIRST time his eye was bleeding after using kamui, is him displaying a side effect of Ms. Yes, it could be overuse but in this one encounter alone, Obito has used kamui a dozen times if not more and his eye aint bleeding.

Obito using kamui constantly imo, can only be explained by the following.
1. Its a sharingan jutsu so no eye bleed
2. He has Hashi cells incorporated in his body in a much higher form than Danzo sticking on Hashi's parts.
3. Kamui/Obito is special
4. Kishi ass pull.

Lol, I can almost guess which option you'll agree with.

@apacolypz: I hear you man and I like banter and jokes. Its no problem for me, who wants to read a boring forum anyway. I'm on SI and the way we talk to each other there, makes this forum look like its being run by Mary Poppins. So I'm ok if ppl wana laugh at my post but its HOW you do it, that's my beef. This Kyf reference is like a red rag to me because I hate the way Kyf is always attacked and if others say something that sounds stupid to the person, they call him Kyf. Why oh why, especially when I've told you, don't do it?

Lol, what else I'm I suppose to do mate, laugh it off?

Take what Kael03 is doing to me now. He is literally tearing my theory to shreds and I'm trying to salvage as much of it as I can. I haven't being rude to him, I appreciate what he is saying. But if he done it in a rude obnoxious way, its all guns blazing. You get me?

Man let me tell you something...same thing in life...everything never operates as it will meet one nice person out of the five.....and in regards to people calling you KYF or what simply ignore them or really literally ignore them...If something is funny, let it be...don't get your cucumber pickled over the most minuscule thing...also don't let people rile you up...this site is set up like more of a debate blog at times....i get you..some just want to argue and feel like they won....ignore them....i have gotten into it with people on here but I think about the most important thing...I don't know them or they know me....its all irrelevant. obviously you are not KYF...obviously you don't feel like an idiot. It is one thing to be insulted and not given the chance of day..or to be made fun of and respond appropriately...but it is not like everyone here is attacking you or calling you KFY Bowser Jr. Man you're good..just don't try to defend yourself so hard but in the process be a hypocrite when responding to others.. Like about two weeks ago someone said something about you...I responded spot on spot on and you attempted to insult me....(when really, I did nothing wrong but find humor in their post....) Just be cool man...

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