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Re: /Naruto 604\

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
Pain's plan: Drop Juubi-level Tailed Beast Bombs on any country that steps out of line.
Sasuke's plan: Wipe out all of Konoha.
Obito: Force the universe into peace through genjutsu.
Nagato actually has a reasoning behind his persona. Nagato was an Orphan who grew up alone. Nagato witnessed his partents death; had a dog as his companion & it died; Gained a father figure(Jiraiya) which eventually abandoned him; Made two friends one of which he indirectly killed. Nagato's life is full of Pain which plays into his personality.

Sasuke also has valid reasoning behind his persona. At an age younger than Obito he witnessed his brother who was his idol kill his parents. Throughout the years to come Itachi would continuously mind fuck him pushing Sasuke to the edge. Sasuke then kills his brother only to find out that Itachi's simply a pawn within a much larger conspiracy. Sasuke to this day is still seeking answers so he can decide for himself what he wants to do.

Now let's look at Obito. Obito grew up within a privileged family surrounded by lots of friends & family. Obito was an arrogant child who would crumble under pressure the majority of the time he's faced with a problem. This holds true not only during his privileged childhood but should also hold true with his physiological brake down that's about to take place.

Now let's look at Kakashi who by comparison has had a much harder time when compared to Obito. Kakashi basically became an orphan after his father committed suicide. Instead of crumbling under pressure he persevered. Kakashi has to live with the guilt of Obito dieing in his place & killing Rin. Yet Kakashi was able to persevere & live on.

Obito's breakdown boils down to being unable to coop with reality. Instead of focusing on the person directly involved in Rins death what does Obito do? Obito kills his mentor because he apparently can't be everywhere at once & kills his entire family for no logical reason what so ever. Obito's so called justification for his actions is that he'll just hit the reset button so none of his actions matter. It's fucking retarded.

Really now how can you honestly sit here & defend this bullshit? Fucking apologist.

Monster brawl brought to you by Claymore.

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Yeah vengeance, if i could giuve rep to your o so epic post too i would, but unfortunately I have already repped your greatness already so i cannot either. Just wanted u to know im on your cock now too
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FOOLS! Time is no obstacle for utter lunacy! Reality is but an illusion that can be ignored if the insane demand it!
Originally Posted by batonnoir View Post
1) There may well be some literary or map correlation between the Uzumaki and Ireland.
Check out this awesome manga called Magi.

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