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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
How do you know the gedo mazo is not a zetsu cloned body of the juubi through the use of hashirama's power??? The flower does seem to be connected to the statue in the flashback with obito...

I agree the statue could just be a container created by madara to be the new body, but it does look allot like the real body from the flash back...

Plot hole??? The juubi's body should still hold a smal amount of chakra in it to sustain it's shape and everything... If every ounce of chakra was taken from the body then it should have died and turned to dust... But the power of the juubi that is full of life energy that offers crazy levels of vitality and instant regeneration is the only thing that could keep the body of the juubi from becoming dust after a couple years...
SO IMO, the juubi must have had some chakra left to keep it from dying, thus madara is able to sustain his life using it's power and grow a ton of plant hashirama's with split personalities from it...

Some DNA of hashirama's is not capable of becoming that giant flower, creating a huge amount of zetsu there and sustaining madara's life at his age... hashirama himself could ahve created the flower, but just some random DNA of his not so likely... SOmeone would of had to had another source of chakra along with the DNA to create the flower and zetsu clones form it..

Hashirama's DNA was used for creating clone bodies, but the juubi's body and what chalkra is levt in it was used to create the zetsu and flower they grow from...
Also, remember, it was already said that the bijuu chakra of seven bijuu in the gedo mazo/juubi's body was used to create the 100 thousand zetsu for the army... So then if the juubi's power (the 7 bijuu's chakra) was used to create the other clones, then the first zetsu's could of been created from the chakra that was already in the gedo mazo/juubi's body...

Very imaginative as usual, but here is my thought.

IMO, it sounds plausible that this summon is just a vessel for the Juubi. It is a container of all the Bijuu and converts the chakra into a NEW Juubi.

THAT was my first thought here is my second....

The MOON that Rikudo Sennin was referring to IS this body! He made a body of stone and placed the rage of the Juubi into it. The power, nature and chakra of it was seperated into 9 bijuu that grew as individual beings.

If you notice it doesn't have a mind of its own like a normal summon would. It's "mind" was split into 9 seperate pieces. I beleive the "rage" the bijuu have is just results of their experiences of life. If they were PURE evil and RAGE noone could befriend them and from the gathering inside Naruto's mind it was accomplished by the hosts in some way.

So anyway i rhink the aummon has always been the Juubi body their is no MOON that it is trapped in. It's in that mindless chakra sucking body.
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