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Re: 605 prediction and literally about witnessing a plothole

Originally Posted by Aman Shahur View Post
My predict is the most realist....................
Alright little dude... just about everyone has blasted you for your posts (which happen to be predictions). And about 95% of the blasts have been about your spelling and grammar (which is common for most foreigners for whom the English language is not their primary language). Trust me when I say that you've actually gotten off easy, because a lot of the "red names" haven't said a word to you, and they're usually the worst ones about demanding correct spelling and grammar.

That being said.... you've proven that you are a kid (or are at least very immature). Never, never say that your prediction is the most realist(ic). For most of the people who write these preds, it is a creative outlet for the guys (and possibly girls). Some are far off, while others are very canonistic. It's fun. But keep things "real". We're all here for fun, even those who debate till they are blue in the faces (skim through the threads and read some of the old Num vs. KYF debates... very entertaining).

*Imagine the set of Jerry Springer*
Jerry: And now it's time for my final thought... Learn to give a little love, learn to spell correctly, and stop being childish.

*Camera zooms out as everyone applauds and Jerry starts shaking hands of everyone on the stage.*

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