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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

@Kyf: not saying you're wrong but lets consider a few things, and some of the things you said, I agree with. Others I dont.

Koto: we have NO way of knowing if the 10 yr limitation applies to Shisui himself. We know it applied to when Itachi had his eye but its seems highly unlikely(imo) that Shisui himself needed Hashi's power to use koto or else wait a decade to use his own power.

Koto is the most powerful genjutsu but that does in no way mean, it requires Hashi's dna to power it or awaken it. Its an Uchiha Ms technique and in keeping with the trend, most Ms techniques are said to be the most powerful jutsu in their particular area.

Example, amatersau: most powerful fire jutsu in the manga. Tsukuyomi: quickest most powerful genjutsu we've seen in the manga, when used by Itachi. Susanoo: I know the sacred treasures aren't Uchiha per say, but the point still stands. Totsuka, most powerful and quickest sealing technique we've seen and Yata, the greatest elemental defence in the manga.

So the point is, the fact that Koto is so powerful, does NOT necessarily mean its due to Hashirama. I do agree with you that Shisui's chakra must be the same in colour to Hashirama's, if Ao and his byakugan thought so.

The origin of the rinnegan is an iffy subject. Kabuto and Orochimaru's hypothesis about the final stage of the sharingan, made no mention of combining Uchiha and Senju to achieve it. On the other hand, Madara only awakened his rinnegan after VOTE, which infers that it had something to do with stealing the 1st dna.

Izanagi, as you correctly said, has different versions and forms. The original.Izanagi was the Sage's, as Obito explained, was to create. Then we have the Uchiha kinjutsu which did NOT require Senju dna. Lol ppl seem to omit that. Finally, we have Izanagi powered by Hashi's/Senju dna which allows the user to prolong Izanagi's effect.

About the Hatake Clan, we have NO IDEA of their origin and nothing implies they are from the Younger Son. We currently know of only 2 Hatake members, Kakashi and his father. Kakashi's low chakra capacity suggests the opposite of what you are claiming so I fail to see the links to Senju/Uzamaki.
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