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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
Izanagi, as you correctly said, has different versions and forms. The original.Izanagi was the Sage's, as Obito explained, was to create. Then we have the Uchiha kinjutsu which did NOT require Senju dna. Lol ppl seem to omit that. Finally, we have Izanagi powered by Hashi's/Senju dna which allows the user to prolong Izanagi's effect..
Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Good analysis.... glad to see not everyone is deluding themselves about Izanagi not having different versions... Kudos...
Clearly it says here that Izanagi can only be used by those who possess Uchiha and Senju.

And here it says it was derived from this but not a different version of Izanagi.

Then it shows how Danzo sucks. Not that its different version of what Tobi used. He just practically sucks at controlling Senju power.

And then the ultimate retcon which makes practically everything above being said by Tobi as a lie.

Now i have to admit that i am confused. How can the guy who tears for arguments without being mock or insulted, sit back and laugh at the piece of fact from the manga that clearly states the Izanagi can only be used by those who possess Uchiha and Senju? And the best part of it all they refused to believe kishi makes series of plotholes. LOL
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