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Re: Naruto_605

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Obito already saw through his SG in kakashi as if they were still connected... Now his eye even in kakashi became Mangekyou as if still connected to obito still... And since zetsu said zetsu (hashirama plant bodies with use of his powers), can use telepathy... That means that obito should be able to as well...

Also, I think obito already has some relation to the younger brother of the sage either through the sunju or uzumaki... How else is it he is able to use hashirama's mokuton so naturally... and notice it was only him with the half body of zetsu/hashirama that was using the mokuton, not even the tobi zetsu body suit... which is why only the right side of his body used the mokuton... it was all him...

He briefly saw through his eye because's his eye! Maybe uchiha still tay connected to there eyes somehow. Anyway it's just a Obito/Kakashi thing.

Telepathy is between Zetu creatures and those that wear Zetsu Guyver suits.
That is all. But i still would like to know how he goes into his kamui dimension and comes out somewhere else?! How does he know where to come out at?

What did he do with/to Rin's body? Did he bother to learn the truth about her?

What do these statements mean?
"He got us, after we worked so hard to get it."
"We must not let the enemy get the WOMAN's body!"

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