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Re: Naruto_605

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
It just doesn't make sense for kakashi to awaken the MS there at 14 then not be able to use it for another 16 years because he doesn't have enough chakra to use it...
Every other person who awakened the MS was able to use right after they awakened it... So then what other explanation is there for kakashi's not using the MS for 16 more years??? He himself not awakening it, thus not able to use it is the only explanation I can thin of right now...
Not until 16 years later when he awakened the jutsu by training his chakra which is what the DB#3 said... It is invoked through training of ones chakra...
Prob he did not know abt his MS and maybe he found out after his encounter with itachi's tsukyomi, some kind of trigger

but my question is , when did leaf start sending out a two man mission that too a young jounin and a medic alone?

and just as a note we can see in page nine that his phasing is ctrled by MS and not a simple sharingan

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