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Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
I'm surprised more people aren't complaining about the potential character assassination that may be happening to Kakashi in a fail attempt to explain this BS.
This whole mini-arc/flashback is pathetic.

I mean, not only is this possible ca of Kakashi, but also of Hiruzen or Minato as well. What kage is going to send one shinobi out to do battle with a battalion of shinobi? Now that I think about it, did Hiruzen send Minato after Kushina when she was kidnapped, or did he do that of his own accord? This is just f'ed up, all around.

But back to the ca of Kakashi... he did it to Itachi, so why not.

Edit: But it has been stated that Obito was found in a tunnel, not in a crevice of boulders. It's just getting shittier by the moment.

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