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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Its very simple, just allow yourself to have an open mind first.
1. Izanagi like Izanami, is a kinjutsu amongst the Uchiha. Izanami does NOT need Senju to use and its the direct counter of Izanagi. Are you suggesting that in the 'old days', an Uchiha will steal Senju dna to perform Izanagi?

2. In that same scene that Tobi explains it, he also LIES about being Madara, or didn't you realise that?

3. The Sage's ORIGINAL IZANAGI.created form from nothing. Is that what the Izanagi that Danzo and Tobi used do? No, they created an illusion to escape death or a fatal injury so obviously it is NOT the same Izanagi is it?

Now why dont you answer those questions, like I did yours!
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