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Re: Naruto_605

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
To put it simply no. Originally Itachi used Tsukuyomi with a 3 tomoe sharingan against Kakashi. Originally dojutsu genjutsu at that level was supposed to be only achievable by an actual Uchiha. The original comparison was that Kakashi couldn't fully utilize his sharingan because he wasn't an Uchiha. It had nothing to do with any sort of ritual done by Itachi but rather a general comparison with Kakashi & the rest of the Uchiha. This was later expanded on with Itachi's Amaterasu which again originally was to be done with a 3 tomoe sharingan. It was later rectoned during Sasuke's flashback at VOTE where the different eye pattern was first introduced.
Heh. It's funny the things you just revise given extra information. Went back and read the interaction between Kakashi and Itachi and pretty much yeah - does it all with three tomoe sharingan.

That said, in the same chapter, it shows Sasuke reading the Uchiha tablet. It is possible that Kishi had plans for power ups with the sharingan, even MS, but the eye patterning came later, just to make things easier to understand.

EDIT: Also, the old chapters are just so good.
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