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Re: Should Obito be the main antagonist?

i doubt he'll be the antagonist,if i'm not mistakin' kishi said it'll be oro... but in my opinion tobi should be it, if the next few chapters show us it was tobi's doin' in attackin' konoha..then by all means he's allowed to be evil genius... kakashi vs tobi no way that is goin to happen unless kisihi adds some bull crap to the story allowing kakashi to get all his chakra back... what kisihi has to do is start killin' off the s/a class nin that's fightin' against the bad guys, this war is really corny!!! for real!!! i'm just waitin' to see madara pwn the shit out of naruto,bee,guy and kakashi... unless kisihi adds some bull crap makin' tobi turn against madara..... troollololololol

btw it was cool to see that kakashi had ms before the 4th killed himself

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