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Re: Bleach_511

I call shenanigans on this whole arc. None of this is real. None of it!!! Either all these shinigami are fakes or everybody is still caught up in Aizens genjutsu. Yep, that's it!!! They never even defeated Aizen! That bastard unleashed his Bankai, and this is the result.

We already know his Shikai can manipulate the senses of EVERYONE who sees it. Fucking Genjutsu!!! So what would his Bankai be you might ask? Well, since Kubo is a massive troll as well as completely unoriginal, it would only make sense that he'd still ideas from his fuck buddy Kishi on the subject. Tsukuyomi!!! Oh yeah, Aizen trapped everybody in this elaborate fake scenario that he created, just for the sole purpose of torturing them with a completely impossible to win situation. He's trying to break everyone's spirit. What appears to have been months or even years to everyone in the story has only been seconds or minutes.

There's just far too much wrong with this arc for it to be real. Where the hell is Mayuri? The guy did countless experiments on Quincy, and yet he's AWOL all of a sudden. He's the foremost expert on this stuff. Not to mention he experimented in his Bankai to the point that nobody can use it against him. He should definitely be special war potential.

Where are the other Vizards that didn't return to SS? They haven't even been mentioned.

Why did the Quincy wait until just now to attack? Why wait 1000 years. Why not attack immediately after Aizen's war. They were so weakened then. Half of SS was in the hospital, lol.

Why was there no mention of this Quincy army before now? You would think Aizen would have taken some interest if there were another major power out there. Especially one that's living in Hueco Mundo where his forces reside.

Why would Aizen just chill, and not want to be released when given the chance. Why was he smiling like a maniac when they apparently caught him. He had the same look on his face Kisame had when he apparently got decapitated, and we saw how that turned out to be total BS.

How are the Quincies so fucking old anyway. I understand that Shinigami age slower, but aren't quincies just humans. Ishida isn't hundreds of years old or anything, so WTF?

Sooooo much is wrong here, and there's other things that slip my mind right now.

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