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Re: Naruto_605

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
databook 3 already said kakashi's kamui was awakened from training his chakra...
And? How's that of any relevance to what's being discussed? Kamui=/=MS.

So with the technique coming from chakra training to invoke and not the basic... What you saw with kakashi awakening the MS as well was likley due to the telepathic connection obito has with his eye... which is why they both awakened at the exact same moment...
You retard, the manga dedicated 3 whole arcs (Sasuke's Rescue, Penis Arc, Hunt for Itachi Arc) hammering the FACT MS is awakened due to emotional distress and you didn't figure out that Obito and Kakashi awakened their MS at the same time because that emotional distress was common to both MS? By Cthulhu, this is not a case of you being a dumbass, it's a case of you not reading 3 arcs screaming MS every other page.

in the last chapter zetsu said he and the other zetsu can communicate telepathically with each other, then obito, someone with a half zetsu body thus powers just happens to see through his eye that is in kakashi, in the same socket his eye should be...
This was an instance of telepathy... telepathically seeing through his eye as if it was still connected to him, not in kakashi...
This ability can explain how obito saw kakashi at RIN's grave apologizing when no one else was supposed to be around... Obito can see through kakashi's eye when close enough to him just as the zetsu can talk to each other...
Since Zetsu only telepathically communicate with each other, this whole crap of a quote is wrong.

Should have asked me because I actually knew...
Except you don't know. So this:

WHy ask a question if all You wanted was to get an answer that supports your opinion and you call someone else "not smart"...
All you did was ask someone to support your opinion then base your conclusion on someone else's opinion, not on your own analysis of the manga and databook about kakashi's kamui...
Is just butthurt.

Sounds very stupid... then again, who the hell has to ask someone else to give them a conclusion lol....
It's called asking for a second opinion. I know it's a new concept for you, since your ego normally blocks every other second opinion because you're right all the time!

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
My guess? Despite his rage, Obito knows Kakashi wouldn't have killed a teammate without cause and only as a last resort. He'd hold Kakashi responsible for allowing those events to come to pass, but not the act of killing her.
Are you high? Did you actually read the chapter? Obito simply snapped, he isn't thinking logically anymore. When people are emotionally overdriven, they'll target the cause of said state, it's a primordial method of coping with reality. Like Vengeance said previously, fucking apologists...

Also, I believe (in the present, anyways) that he's fully aware that Madara manipulated the situation, which is why he blamed Kakashi for only letting her die. Remember, when Kabuto pulled out Madara, Obito called him a madman (the reason I always knew it was Madara). He may have been corrupted by Madara's ideals, but he still knew the man himself was a vile lunatic.
Still doesn't excuse the fact Obito had an antagonistic behavior towards Kakashi only in this fight. Remember, we're talking about an emotionally-driven character, how the hell didn't he interact with Kakashi before?
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