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Re: Naruto_605

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Are you high? Did you actually read the chapter? Obito simply snapped, he isn't thinking logically anymore. When people are emotionally overdriven, they'll target the cause of said state, it's a primordial method of coping with reality. Like Vengeance said previously, fucking apologists...
Yes, I'm aware he snapped, but as I stated, he's associating the cause as the Mist ninja, not Kakashi.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Still doesn't excuse the fact Obito had an antagonistic behavior towards Kakashi only in this fight. Remember, we're talking about an emotionally-driven character, how the hell didn't he interact with Kakashi before?
He permitted Kakashi to be the first person to view his Sharingan in the present and he trolled the motherfucking hell out of him with his, "That won't work on me" shit. There was only so much Kishi was could do to hint at this as long as he did without completely giving it away.

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
I'm not surprised how Kakashi got his Mangekyou, though it would have felt better if Rin had died between the end of Part One and the beginning of Part Two. Therefore, Kakashi's conversation about developing a new power over the timeskip would have flowed. Like we didn't have to know right away, only that it was shown sometime during the story. Though, I suppose since Kishi had to draw Obito into all of this, connecting Obito's Mangekyou awakening with Kakashi's, this abdominal flashback had to be crafted.
Honestly, it didn't. He could've gone with the more popular idea of Obito obtaining MS unlocked it for Kakashi instead of this [Future voice] at the same damn time [/Future voice] deal.

Obtaining it through Rin's death between the time skip would've made less sense than this. She led no team, never got referenced in the present (outside of an old picture) directly or vaguely, and never appeared in the present.
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