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Re: Naruto_606_Predictions

Chapter 606 Clinging to darkness Personified
Apacolypz FF Prediction

Under a bloody spiraling tree...Obito stares down at the lifeless Rin....
Obito: I don't life has completely crumbled.......there is nothing out there for me.... for me to cherish or desire....this world is Hell.....I am being tormented by the devil himself...(falling to his knees) Kakashi...WHY?!

Obito blacks out as he falls unconscious..Spiral Zetsu: So he did it! Too bad it had to come at such a cost....I see why Madara wants this world blackened under his dream....(telepathically )White Zetsu: Bring him back to the hideout! Madara awoke asking for him.
Spiral Zetsu wraps Obito's face up in his own artificial skin and burrows underground heading back to the secret base.

Obito awakes screaming in agony. Madara slowly approaches the mentally disfigured Obito. Madara: I was filled in on what occurred with the Mist. I am sorry for your loss young Uchiha. Your former team mate..the one you surrendered your eye to....he could not keep his promise to you.. The one thing every human in this world believes in is faith. Today you were taught first hand at how ridiculous FATE and FAITH is..One makes his own path and creates his own destiny...when you create something concrete that you could base a foundation off of that is when we change the world. Showing them their only true choice is to follow natural selection. We Uchihas are the strong and we have the power to shape this world into something only our forefathers could be proud of. With our fiery passion we will rid this cruel world of all it's misfortunes. No one would hurt as you do now...only love and true peace can be initiated through our vision and goals.

Madara looks down at Rin who Spiral Zetsu has placed upon a raised flat bed of tree trunks. Madara: What would she have wanted? What were your dreams before all this?

Obito looks at Rin as he focuses on her Madara notices his pupil pulsating rapidly. Madara: Obito, I need for you to try to calm yourself. You are already not in the best shape and your recent tragedy has seemingly caused you some grief. If you do not control the hate inside you it will only eat away at you until nothing but Vengeance is left. Obito starring at Rin's cold body, as he stares he simply loses focus and becomes entrapped in his own fearful nightmare. Over and over his brain simulates the horrific scene he witnessed. Obito: Rrrr.....Rii............NOOOOOOOOO! Madara: Zetsu! This child he has awaken a sole MS. Not only that you said he was able to use Mokuton during the fight various times. If we account for the fact that he is a unique hybrid of Hashirama and Uchiha. He could have unlimited possibilities....for this we must remain patient.

hours later....

(awake from his dark dreams) (laying in Madara's bed)
Obito: Where am I? What am I doing here?
Madara with Zetsu turn astonished to what they just heard!
Madara: (Placing his hand on Obito's head.) Ssshh you were in a terrible accident. Do you know who you are?
Obito: ??? I have no recollection, where am I? Where did I come from?
Madara: KONOAH, you were casted aside like trash until me and my family found you. You are apart of the mighty Uchiha clan. I am your eldest ancestor..Here recently you lost the most precious thing you favored in this world. Your former team mates killed her in front of your very being. We saved you and kept watch over her body.
Madara: I know this is a lot to take in. We should give her a proper burial. If you allow it we will do this for you. Have you come to remember your name at all?
Obito(with a serious face) (change in voice and body language) Obito: Nothing..I am getting nothing. I can tell you only what my heart screams for....
Madara: What is that?
Obito: Revenge and the utter annihilation of Konoah!
Zetsu (whispering to Madara): He seems split in nature does he not? What is going on inside that head of his?
Madara: Well we must come up with a name..I can't be calling you boy every time... What shall we call you?

Madara in thought( This is good, if he can put aside his childish emotional rage...he can be of use to me.) (This split in personality may give him the edge he needs. (smirking)

Spiral Zetsu walks up to Obito, trust me friend I will always have your back and protect you! let us become one! Spiral Zetsu once again engulfs Obito within his skin. Together we are TOBI!

Madara: OK, Tobi I am glad you are feeling more like yourself. I have a place for you here if you desire to stay.
Obito: How can you.....How can you help...How can you help me bring Konoah to their knees?

Madara's eyebrows raise in excitement

Madara: I have the perfect plan in mind..and with my help you will have the world at your disposal. I will mold you into a fearsome shinobi!

Panel fades revealing two Rinnegans behind Madara....

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