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Re: Should Obito be the main antagonist?

Obito is the main antagonist and rightfully so. He destroyed Konoha, caused the death of Naruto's parents, helped orchestrate the Uchiha Massacre in both cause and the act itself, dragged Sasuke completely into the darkness, led the group that possibly killed the Fourth Kazekage, possibly killed Sarutobi (some suspected Oro of still working with them then), possibly destroyed Konoha again, killed Asuma, killed Jiraya, killed Kakashi, put Tsunade into a coma, destroyed Konoha yet again, killed Danzo, and extracted 7 of the 9 tailed beasts and killing each of the hosts in the process (Gaara had to be revived).

That's 4-6 Kages and 8 Jinchuurikis (including Kushina) down. God damn.

Madara might be the True Final Boss to his Final Boss with Sasuke being a potential Bonus Final Boss, but Obito doesn't have to be the final villain of Naruto to be the main antagonist of Part Two. It'd be like saying Juha Bach is the main antagonist of Bleach and not Aizen.

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
He wants to enslave the world in a genjutsu because life was too hard to cope with after his crush got killed by his best friend
The Moon's Eye Plan was Madara's.

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
let's not forget that Obito didn't think there was some logical explanation behind Kakashi killing Rin
On the contrary, the fact he stated "You let Rin die" instead of "You killed Rin!" suggests he understands there was a logical explanation for it and he didn't blame Kakashi. Rin's death is merely why he never revealed himself as having survived, but that's not why he's doing this.

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
expect Obito to understand the sacrifices ninja have to make.
He does understand and that's what ties in with his desire to go through the Moon's Eye Plan.

Yahiko, Nagato, Obito, and Naruto all desired peace.

Yahiko wanted to become God of the world and force the issue.
Nagato sought a nuclear deterrent situation though the Juubi.
Naruto seems believe in the power of love and being nice.

Much like Yahiko, Obito intends to force the issue. Why have people constantly mocked Naruto's outlook and never ending desire to change the world and create world peace? Because it's unrealistic and doesn't work in the real world or the manga (to date). There was war before the Sage, there was war amongst clans after he died, and eventually three wars between the villages.

Jiraya, Minato, and Nagato all ultimately entrusted Naruto with coming up with a solution for the problem that the three of them all failed to solve. The actions of mankind's history and it's would be saviors indicate that this is problem that they cannot solve. Rather than pass the problem onto someone else, he's deciding that since humanity cannot attain peace, he will attain peace for them. Otherwise, there will always be hatred, pain, and war in the world.
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